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Well I had an erosion in July on 2005 and since it has been removed I am miserable. I an gaining weight and I am so depresed I miss my litle tool. If anyone has any information about someone having an erosion and having another band put back in I would surley appreciate the information. I am scared of having it done again, is the stomach too week , would it happen again or am i totaly riskin more serious complcations? The band did wonders for me I lost 95 pounds and I felt geat. So nyone out there please send me your thoughts. Lisa

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i am confused about this erosion thing alot of you are talking about. how do you know if you have erosion? i drink about 4 carbonated sodas a day? is this bad?

i had my band in dec.2004. lost 40lbs. and recently gained back about 20lbs, after my husbands death.

i am wondering if i should have even had it done.how much does it cost to have it taken out it it is eroded? and if it needs to be redone do i nee to pay full price again???i am starting to get upset at the thought!! :(:angry:

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