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Contacts to get a fill???

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Hi everyone!

Just coming up on my 4 weeks post-op and doing well. I was just thinking about making an appointment to get a fill at my 6 week mark, cause I don't have a lot of restriction now. Can someone point me in the right direction? Who can I e-mail or call? Are fills only on certain dates? Are weekends available? And I live in North San Diego and plan to walk over the border and cab to the doctors office. Where do I tell the cab driver to go?


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Jane here. It really was nice to meet you. Mom and I are coming Saturday the 18th, and we are flying back on Sunday. I was just going to Pay Jr. to drive us back & forth since I am bring the baby (only the nursing one this time) and Mom is not in the mood for the bus/ trolleyt/ taxi thing.

email me privately.


ps- I set my fill up with


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Hi Tina

Dr. Ortiz typically does his fills on Mondays and Saturdays.

You can call this number 1-619-270-1126 and Gabriella will set up an appointment time for you. Ask Gabriella for the address to the office and when you catch a cab just hand him the address, I just keep a copy of it written down in my wallet sho I just show it to the cab driver and he knows exactly where to go..I hope this info helps you

Good Luck


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Thanks so much for the info guys! I made my appointment for September 18th, so maybe I'll run into you and your mother-in-law, Jane. I sent you an e-mail too! I see that you lost 17 pounds!!! That's great!!!

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