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Just Banded

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I was just banded yestderday, it was much easier then I thought it was going to be, Dr Ortiz is just WONDERFUL!! Things went VERY smooth. Went it was all done I was a little sore but nothing really too bad. I stayed at the hospital one night, and since I am local here in San Diego I am now at home. I do have some gas pains. but I was told to expect that, I was however able to sleep on the non-portside on the same night as the surgery. I am now on the clear liquids, really not hungry, I had some clear broth, had about 4 spoonfuls and that was all I could get down. One hint don't watch food network, or to many TV commercials, they wil make you want food, but that is your head talking not your belly! =-)

As far as being scared that is is in Mexico, there is nothing to fear, the hospital is GREAT! The staff ALL speak english your room is a private suite and it is all like you are in the US. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Allan Hincapie

San Diego ;)

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Ummm, did you speak English to the night staff? Because they don't very well at all. They just nod and say "yes, yes" and "okay" but really have no idea what you are saying. Everyone else does speak English VERY well. But the late night staffing do not, at least they didn't when i was there. But they had me tricked that they understood LMAO.

Welcome to bandland! i am glad your experience thus far has been great. I wish you much success in the future!

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