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I did it on 08/30


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Hello anyone reading this. I was really scared to go to TJ and get banded but all has been well. Here's my story:

Thursday 08/30 I had my last meal about 12:30 (In & Out burger protein syle). Oh I'd kill for one of those right now... anyhow that's off topic. After work Francisco picked me up (he's wonderful!!!) and drove me to the clinic. I checked in and did my various tests. All tests went well and I was put into a room to wait for my surgery time. I was given something to help me "relax". Well, I relaxed so well that I fell asleep off and on. The next thing I knew I was being taking into the OR. I don't even remember getting anestesia because I was already so sleepy I think I fell asleep on my own once I was brought into the OR. I woke up briefly (I swear I was being stiched still). I tried to ask if they were stitching me because it hurt. I suppose I had something in my mouth because I couldn't speak and everything must have just sounded muffled to the surgeons). It all happened for a moment and I was sleeping again. I woke up in recovery and was able to call my husband and walk around a bit. The next three days were painful off/on. Especially the gas pain. It nearly brought me to tears at times. After day 4 things were about back to normal. Please note, I did NOT use the pain meds. I am nursing my son still and didn't want to prolong nursing any longer. I'm sure I would have been in less pain if I'd taken the meds. Even without them it wasn't too bad and I was able to walk around TJ the next day.

Also, the Lucerna Hotel was way beyond my expectations. The room service was great, the food was great (my hubby says) and the pool is very nice.

I hope my story helps someone out there checking into Dr. Ortiz.

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