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I am 5 weeks out from surgery = wonderful experience

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I am 5 weeks out from surgery. I want to tell all of you that I have had a wonderful experience with the lap band procedure and that it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would love to talk with anyone that is going to have this done. I had mine done in the US. I am 55, diabetic with high blood pressure so I felt I was taking a big risk by having surgery. I was scared too. Cancelled one time because of fear. Now I am so glad I did it. I have lost 22 lbs. so far and have not had a fill yet. I had such a hard time losing any weight so 22 lbs. for me was a miracle. I too loved food. My regular doctor even ask me if I was ready to give it up because for some people it was my best friend. I am also a sceptic so I was doubtful this would work for me. Well, it has changed so much. I still look forward to eating, I still want to eat, but for some reason now after I eat part of the meal I just stop. Cannot believe that. That is not the way I use to be. Would love to talk to some of you. My home email is Kellco@conwaycorp.net if any of you want to talk.

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