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Band Loss?

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I had my first fill on 10/4/07. They gave me 1.0cc's of saline. When I went back yesterday for the second fill there was only .5cc's left in my band. I asked questions and got answers, but still dont get it. The fill tech assured me that there was no holes and everything looked normal.. so where could it go?

Maybe someone could explain it in another way that I might understand?


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According to Google, one 1 cc = 0.00422675282 US cups, which means it takes 236.589 cc's to make a cup of fluid. .5 cc's is not alot of fluid and it is not missing, it just didn't make it into the syringe when they drew the saline out and measured it. This happens often after the first fill and it is either in the needle part of the syringe itself and/or stayed behind in the band as a syringe alone does not create enough of a vacum to suck out every drop of saline.

No worries, it's in there somewhere.

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