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I do not know how to send personal messages so I will use this. Can you tell me how to do personal messages

It is so nice to know someone out there is strugging with the NCLB act. I am also in a low income school with lots of low achieveing children. Education is not their first priority. Paying bills and eating is. NCLB does not take that into account.

We enjoyed our trip to Mexico also. We drove around and saw a school, a church, and houses. I do not handle the heat here very well either so knew it would be a problem. We almost went with some friends last winter. I would love to go during a cooler time. We ate breakfast at a place on the Texas side right before we crossed over that was out of this world. They had the best salsa I have ever had.

I would love to talk to you more. My email address is Kellco@conwaycorp.net Either email me if you would like or let me know how to send personal messages.


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