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Nov. 16

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The surgery went fine. The people were friendly and sweet, from the nurses down to the cleaning crew. Everything was wonderful and I was extremely pleased; the hotel and everything. The doctors were personal and friendly, although not everyone could speak English. There were 4 of us there for surgery and others there for fills. Although I did not know it, I stayed the night on Friday. It was a nice enough room with my own TV. My friend Patti endured most of the day on the little couch reading a John Gresham book, without food, watching me sleep. Finally after I going on a small walk, I sent her on the way to get some well deserved dinner.

The worst part was the trip back. It seemed at every connection, we managed to barely slide into place. (That is so like me!) It was bumpy and hardly a moment went by with a comedy of errors. People were so funny…or at least it was funny to watch. I am sore and bruised, but really doing fine. I am really beginning to hate soup. Oh, well. And yes, I have been hungry.

I have really only drank broth….and added vitamin water. Tomorrow I get to add a few other things. Mostly I am eating clear liquids, a few mushy stuff like cottage cheese, and apple sauce. Oh, such excitement. Thanksgiving will be a treat with a blended version.

I am very comfortable with my decision, totally at peace. It was a good decision and the right one for me. :rolleyes:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have lots to be thankful for!!


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Hi, I'm scheduled for surgery Dec 4th, I'm so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got any advice?????

I had my surgery one week ago (11/20) and feel great. I am already back to work, and back to my daily routine. Honestly there is nothing to be scared about. You will be a little sore after the surgery, but overall the pain is very minimal. You feel progressively better each day after the surgery. After a few days you will be very happy that the surgery is behind you and that you are starting weight loss journey and lifestyle change.

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