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I'm feeling pretty good today..got on the scale this morning like every Monday morning and I hit the 50 lb mark..I'm now currently at 51.75 lbs lost in just a little over 5 months. Just thought I'd share my victory with all of you. I love my band :)

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Well it has been a little under a month (3 days shy) since I posted my 51.75 lbs loss...this morning I hit 61 lbs..10 lbs in less then a month..I love my band.. I love this current fill of 2cc's..I love Dr. Ortiz & Martinez...I LOVE LIFE!!! :D

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Oh Yes do I ever feel lighter on my feet..and no pian in my feet either getting up in the morning like I had so badly pre band..no more aches and pains anywehre in my body..I'm lovin' it!

Thanks so much for the kind words and soon you wil lbe there too ( 50lbs lighter)

I never imiagined it either in such a short time but here Iam living proog..just 44 more lbs to go and I wil lbe at my lowest wegiht since high school I think..Heck it has been so long I cant even remeber.

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