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banded on the 11th april

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<_< was so nervous on getting it done, i had the op on the tuesday night and was at home on the wednesday afternoon, i felt totally ill, the wind i had was terrible, the wounds i have are really sore the one that they put the band in is weeping so i think i should see the nurse, saturday i felt like giving in, became so depressed, but today i feel great, went on the scales today i have lost 11 lbs which is good (sorry i dont know kgs) its took me all week to find this website , im pleased to find im not the only one who is in this same situation :)
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I had the procedure in TJ on April 10th and just found out about this forum as well. I felt fine after the surgery and even did a little shopping for friends and family before we had to cross the border to go back home. Now don't get me wrong, I was very sore over my incisions and the gas pains felt like heart attacks but they have almost subsided so I am feeling pretty great right now.

When I weighed this morning, I had lost 9 pounds which isn

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