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Getting a fill on 5/20 or 5/27

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Hello Fellow Banders,

I'm planning on getting my first fill on 5/20 or 5/27. I'm wondering if there is anyone in Sacramento, SF or San Jose who would like to make that trip together to Dr. Ortiz's office. I want to try Calgirl's great instructional method.

I would like to order the round trip car service but $130 round trip seems a little steep. By the time I buy my ticket, get the fill and the car service - it's a $500 trip. I want to keep the cost of these trips to a minimum. We can even share the cost of the taxi cab.

I just got banded on 4/8/06 in Tijuana.


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Hello, I am being banded on 4-25 so I obviusly don't need a fill yet but I am in the Sac area and in the future maybe we can make the trip together. I am going to Bajanor.Who did you go to?

Hello Robin,

I'm sorry that I haven't responded. I don't check in all the time. I went to Dr. Ortiz. He's the best in Tijuana.

Good luck with your band. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. And I feel bad because now that I've healed I am cheating and I want to get fill as soon as possible.


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