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Surgery and letting excess food go

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Thanks for the emails or replies you've sent. I'm scared about the whole thing but when I hear it said the sugery was somewhat easy (fair to say?) I wonder could it really be that simple?

I really want the weight off but the thought of "giving up" food or my emotional need for it is trully uncharted waters. Is there an ajustment period? How is it for you, was giving up the food ok? I want to know the emotional part of letting go of the food and the stuff maybe you didn't expect to go thourgh. You know?

Is your attitude towards life or people different? Because I feel like my need for eating and the food is like an druggie needing a fix, when life gets hard. But like lucky drug additic I'm at the end of my rope and I want a better life and a cleaner body, healthy body .....Anyway I'm going on and on so I'll leave this subject out there and wait to see what you all think.

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There are several bandsters who see a therapist in conjunction with their bands. Emotional eating for me was not a big thing, the first 2 weeks were the toughest and I cried alot..all of my emotions were now coming out to the surface because I was not eating like I did pre band. I 'm a lucky one I have no emotional eating issues . I think part in becasue I want to be thin so bad that I'm willing to do whatever it takes and my brain and soul were ready to make this change. Once I saw the band working it was easier and easier not to eat for emotional reasons...I never thought I ate much for emotional reasons in the first place so I had that going for me. You know it up front that you eat for emotional reasons so it may be wise for you to get into therapy becasue the band is not a cure all..it is a tool to help you but it does not make your food choices for you. You still have to do most of the work. I know several women who are banded and are struggling with emotional/food issues 4-5 month post op. My attitude towards people is not different but one thing I do find myself doing alot is watching how people eat, the size bites they take and how fast they eat without chewing their food well enough. When you want something bad enough ..something clicks inside your brain atleast for me it did...and the band is working and I'm working with my band..we work together to achieve weight loss, it is not just the band doing the work. You sound like your heart is ready to make the change but just make sure your brain is ready too becasue if your brain is not 100% into this journey, you will struggle!

Best of Luck to you

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SO well put....Thank you. it is a choice to make. What do I want more?

Freedom from the x-tra weight and my health or.....

I do have an appointment to see someone and talk about it....I want to do this right. The band seems like a great assistance, when you say it's not going to do it for you (that statment coming from someone who's experienced) I hear you.

Picking the brains of people who have the band is so helpful.

When I hear about the way people eat now( after band ) It gives insite and an idea of how it all works.. I'v read chew chew chew...small protions, protein first, no soda, bread, steak, careful not to get "mush syndrome" (eating too much soft food) Whatever that means? This is just info I've read from others on the different web sites. I did go to amazon.com for the book about banding. Can't wait to get it. There is so much to learn about and I want to know as much as possible... :)

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