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Anyone from Ontario

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I scheduled for surgery on April 14 th anyone else from Ontrio?What do you do for your after care, I am very nervous about this aspect of the surgery.Please help calm my nerves.

Ontario Canada?

Yes I live in Kitchener ON Canada....where are you?


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I am from San Diego and will be banded on Wednesday. I am nervous also but reading all the encouraging words has really helped me.


Welcome Wendy,

Best of luck with your surgery! You will find this forum an excellent support system both moral and information. The gals are great and beyond helpful. I haven't been banded yet myself, I have my first consult on April 16/08 here in Ontario Canada and hopefully will have a date soon.

I guess you will be leaving soon...safe trip, keep in touch with us and let us know how everything went....Cathy

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