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trouble with pre-op diet

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Hi Everyone,

Only three more days till surgery. I'm so excited. I started the pre-op diet Friday. I have been drinking the slim fast shakes 3x a day but I haven't been feeling well very shaky and hungry. Has anyone had this problem and is there anything that will help? :unsure:

Thanks, Christine

If it were earlier in your pre-op phase I would say the shaking would be coming from your body detoxing off of caffeine but since more than a few bandsters have reported being shaky and or gassy while on the slimfast shakes, I would suggest buying another brand (the Adkins and EAS seem to be the favorites around here) and see how you feel on those!!

I know you've only got a few days to go (hooray!) but you can drink protein shakes starting a few days after surgery as well!

If worse comes to worse email Dr. Miranda she can let you know what you are able to allow back into your diet (maybe a few crackers or something) before surgery.

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