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In pre-op diet hell!

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Hi All,

I'm having a very hard time with the pre-op diet. I have only lost 5 lbs and I have surgery on Friday. I have had really bad headaches and feel like poooo. I wrote the Dr and i'm waiting to hear back . Has anyone had similar symtoms? Do you think I will still be able to have surgery?

Thanks, Christine

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I only lost 5 also, last week when I spoke to her she and I had only lost 3 she said well try to lose another 5...so I'm going to remind her she did say TRY... : :(

and I hope they will still do the surgery... I'm doubtful that I will lose anything else from here to friday...

see you there..


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So long as you do your best and have no other major health problems to complicate things, you're probably fine. Are you sure you're getting enough protein? I know shakes suck but be sure you're getting enough nutrients, otherwise your metabolism will just shut down and you won't lose an ounce.

Just keep going and do what you can. This is one of those things were the effort involved can count as much as the results.

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