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How much have you lost?

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Of course it is going to vary by person. As Mackenzie said it does has a lot to do with what you put into it/activity/etc. Also a lot of it is pre-surgical weight. The more the person has to lose (usually) the faster it comes off if he/she is sticking to the diet. For example it is harder for someone who only weighs 170 to lose 5lbs. than it is for a person weighing 300lbs. to lose 5 lbs. I lost 8lbs. in the first (clear liquids) week and have lost 2lbs every week since then and that is with little/no restriction (but lots of will power). My first fill is scheduled for May 3rd.....and I can't wait.

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Here are my first 6 weeks after being banded:

2/28 - 226lbs My day of surgery weight

3/06 - 220lbs Week 1 lost 6lbs

3/13 - 214lbs Week 2 lost 6lbs

3/20 - 211lbs Week 3 lost 3lbs

3/27 - 209lbs Week 4 lost 2lbs

4/03 - 208lbs Week 5 lost 1lbs

4/10 - 205lbs Week 6 lost 3lbs

That's 21lbs in 6 weeks which averages out to being 3.5lbs per week, but obviously once you start back on real foods the weight loss slows!

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It has been a little over 2 weeks since surgery for me and I have lost 14 since then.

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Have lost 40lbs in 7 months. Lately my avg. is about 5 pounds a month. I'm hoping to kick it up a notch real soon. I am at my sweet spot with my fills, however like everyone else I struggle eating the good foods. I will do well for 2 weeks (during which is when I loose 5 lbs). Then the next 2 weeks I will fall back until I start over again. Plus I drink occasionally. Gotta step the game up!

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