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This post is for outlining our general forum rules, policies, etiquette, etc. Please be aware that we are not always able to read every single post that gets added. If you find a post that seems inappropriate in any way, please report it so the moderators or admins can take a look.

These policies are subject to change.

Keep it clean

We do allow people to upload avatars and photos in the gallery, however, any objectionable material will be removed. Posts containing foul language may also be removed. If you find anything questionable posted on this forum please report the post to a moderator.

No Advertising

Posts or signatures trying to sell or promote products must be removed.

Please do not post prices

There is always another doctor or center willing to slash prices to get more patients. We do offer specials sometimes to patients, especially when they are coming with another family member for surgery but we do not want to start a price war. If you have questions about surgery pricing, please call Lori at 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81. Surgery shouldn't be about getting the cheapest price, it should be getting the best surgeon at a reasonable price!

Keep it positive and respectful

The intention of this forum is to provide a positive environment for Obesity Control Center patient support. This is a privately owned internet forum and it is moderated for content. If you are looking for a "free for all" environment where anything goes you will not find that here. Harsh, derogatory, and/or negative comments may be removed at the discretion of the forum moderators. Any posts that contain personal attacks or an abundance of negativity will be deleted. Period.

Gallery photos

All photos uploaded to the gallery will be held until they are approved by a forum administrator. We try to approve them as soon as possible, but it may sometimes take a day or two. Please try to be patient with us.

General etiquette

-Avoid typing in all caps. In the Internet world THIS IS CONSIDERED YELLING and can also be difficult to read for some people.

-Paragraphs are your friend. Long posts without paragraphs can be very difficult to read and are commonly called a "wall of text".

-Watch your "quote replies". When replying to a topic, it's not usually needed to quote the original post (OP). The more people that quote long blocks of text in a thread, the more difficult it becomes to read through it.

-Forum "trolls" will not be tolerated. If you don't know what a troll is you can find out here.

-I'll add to this as I think of more. Suggestions are always welcome.

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