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Having surgery May 1st.

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:-h Hi There Dimples,

I will be at OCC on May 1st for my first fill. I will make sure to come and say hello to you since I will be there the majority of the day. I am flying in that morning from Salt Lake City and going home later that same day. I wanted to stay there for a few hours and make sure I was comfortable with my fill. Don't worry about anything, the procedure is a piece of cake and the OCC is a wonderful place.


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Hi everyone I am getting banded on May 1st and am wondering if anyone else is going for that day. I am nervous but very excited. Me and my husband will be coming in on April 30th from Mississippi.

Wow good for you...how exciting...I am waiting for my date...hopefully mid-June...here in Ontario, Canada.

Best of luck and keep us up to date...Cathy

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You'll meet all kinds of people at the OCC!! :friends: I met two ladies at the center and they asked me to go shop with them on Revolution Ave. the next day. We had a really nice time and I sure slept good later that day and that evening! Best wishes!!!! Darlene

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