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What do I need to know

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So me and a couple other bandsters are going back to Dr. Ortiz's clinic to get our fills. Love it there! But what can we expect?

Does it take long?

Can you feel the restriction?

Any hints would be much appreciated :rolleyes:

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The fill it self does not take long, the trip out of Mexico does, so give yourself enough time. I'm from Cali so we parked at the boarder and took a cab in, but we lucked out last trip, someone was leaving in a van and offered us a ride!! That was a huge blessing!! The time before it took us 3 hours to cross the border. It was easter weekend though. The van ride took about an hour and he did not go thru TJ. Best of luck to you!! As far a feeling restriction, you will drink liquids for 3 days. Then you will feel restriction. I did go back and have more put in. I can tell a big difference. I think I could use a tad more fill. But I don't want to risk it. As long as I watch my snacking and sweets. I think I'm ok!!


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