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strange fill

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Hi gals

I went for my second fill today in Calgary Ab. Strange thing happened.

On the 26th March had 1.6cc put in 4cc band at OCC.

Dr today took out 2cc????

He added .4cc so does that mean my fill is 2cc or 2.4cc.

I don't really mind as I can feel the restriction but a little strange.

Looking forward to some weight loss as I haven't lost anything in two weeks.


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There is some fluid in the band when it is first placed around the stomach...as to exactly what your fill level would be I will leave that to more experienced minds............. ;)

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I've never heard of their being fluid in the band when it is placed, but I do know that sometimes there will be air trapped in it...

When I did my fill with Dr. Romero on Friday one of the first things he did after the needle was in the port was to flush out any air bubbles with saline... Then he gave me the 1.6cc fill so I would say that it's possible that some of the fluid didn't get pulled back out when he did the air flush before your fill and that's why they pulled out 2ccs...

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Hi Nicole,

I was wondering how you were doing since you had said that after your fill at OCC you had no restriction. I am glad you finally have the restriction. I am going to get my first fill here in Austin on May 7, cant wait. Last night I ate alot of crap and boy did I feel it in my stitched stomach muscles, it felt awful. I wont be doing that again.


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