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Is any one interested in sharing the trip to TJ for a fill around the 22nd of October. I really want to go back for my fill but really dont' want to do it alone. I understand that Dr. O is now doing fills on Saturday which is perfect for me.

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Hi Michelle,

I want to get a fill on the 23rd. I'll be coming from northern CA. It would be nice to share a ride from the airport and back. I haven't made any arrangements yet but would like to soon. I just had my first fill Sept. 18th and it didn't do much. I haven't gained but I'm not losing either! You can call me at (707)448-8405 if you want to work something out.

Doris 8/4/04


first fill 9/18/04 1.5cc

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I am also interested in getting a fill soon. I am coming from the east coast. When were you thinking? I would love to share a ride form the airport. It would be much more cost effective. I think it is about $50 for a ride from the people at the Dr' s office. Last time however I took the bus and then the T and then walked across the border and took a cab..total cost....7.50 total time 1.5 hours so it is a trade off.

let me know what your plans are and where you are coming from!



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