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Apparent allergic reaction to surgical glue...

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:wacko: I'm going crazy!!

So maybe once or twice in my life, I've noticed a little redness if I left a band-aid on for longer than like 24 hours, but it appears that I have a true allergy to adhesives. Last Thursday, exactly 1 week after being banded, I started noticing some serious itching from my incision sites. I thought that itching meant healing, so I was just going to try to be tough and suck it up and not scratch. But then...things got crazy! The skin around the glue started blistering and turning serious shades of red and I was going insane! That night, I apparently got so itchy that I clawed myself silly in my sleep! The next day, Friday, I couldnt' take it any more and got into the shower to get the gule all wet and then slowly and carefully peeled it off. The entire are covered by the glue was (and still is!) swolen, red, and blistery!! OUCH!! I have been putting benadryl cream and neosporin on the areas dilligently since, and the incisions themselves are healing up really, really well, but the itching is still driving me nuts!

Has anyone else experienced this? Yipes!! :blink:

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I had a similar reaction, but i believe mine was to the surecleanse they use to prep the skin. It makes recovery feel like an eternity, but it will go away. Mine appeared four or five days post op and is still clearing up. I think it stopped itching around 2 weeks post op. The benadryl worked best for me and my doctor told me to take pepcid ac because it is a hystamine blocker I thought it was strange but as soon as I started taking it, it stopped spreading.

Hang in there!! It will go away!!

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It's so funny you mention the band aid issue because I had problems with them as well, I have left bandaids on my leg or arm for a few days with no issue but after surgery the ones on my stomach all left marks, I had these square shaped rash marks where the adhesive was, it was quite odd actually since I have never had an issue with them before...

Sorry you had a bad reaction sweetie, hope you're feeling better soon!

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Restriction is ok, it has loosened up since my 2nd fill (when I could only eat 5 bites before feeling sick) but I think that was mostly swelling from 2-3 bad PB epispodes I had the first night after the fill, which is why I got the unfill... So while my first fill got tighter after the first week, this one is loser than it was the first day of my 2nd fill but still tighter than before I got it if that make sense.

I honestly think I am either a person who doesn't feel full or doesn't recognize when I am full unless I eat things that a bandster shouldn't. Like I can eat 1 cup of chopped BBQ and not get that "stuffed" feeling but give me 3 bites of chicken and 3 bites of rice and I am stuffed. So I only allow myself 1/2 cup of BBQ when I am hungry and then if 2hrs later I feel hunger I will have something else, maybe some yogurt or salad with the spray dressing..

I am still PB'ing everyother day, but it's always totally liquid food (no chunks of food that are stuck) because I chew so well which again makes just no sense to me... If I eat my yogurt too fast I will PB up that, so I add a little milk so it's not as thick. I am avoiding pasta and bread though I did have a bite of both at dinner last weekend and didn't have any problems which is weird because after the first fill just looking at bread would make me PB.. why that has changed with more of a fill I don't get!!

Restriction is really is the most confusing thing I have encountered, I am fine doing the head work because I am not an emotional eater or a grazer, my issue was that when I sat down to eat I just wouldn't stop and that's the main thing that I wanted the band to do... and since the band isn't living up to every single thing it's supposed to do (making me feel FULL) so I am more focused on eating when I'm hungry, only allowing myself a little to basically quiet the hunger for a little while, then whenever it returns I eat again.. Of course I am losing weight and keeping it off so while I'm baffled I am totally happy with my progress and my band.. Does that make sense?

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Hi Michelle

I here ya honey.I'm thinking I need a 3rd fill as I can eat a horse if I felt so inclined (Luckily I don't).

I have even lost the little restriction I always felt in the morning.

The willpower is not working either, I'm lucky the band has enabled me not to put the weight back on,

however I'm concerned I will end up stretching my pouch if I keep pushing it.

I may go on liquids for a few days and try and book a fill.


P.S. I had allergic reaction also a nice square rash where the dressing had been.

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