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Struggling with Food

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Well, I have been working out with a trainer now for a week and 1 day. I feel so empowered about working out and the Endrophin release is great. I am finding myself really struggling with food this past week. I have lost another 2 1/2 pounds but boy has it been a struggle not to snack. I constantly am thinking about food. Being home for the weekend was aweful, I had to get out of the house so I wouldn't eat!!!!!

Anyone have any suggestions? I need some good advice!!!!


Maytee :((

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what i've been doing is either drinking water (because you cant eat for another hour after doing so) OR drink a protein shake even if i drink only half. because i figure if i drink a protien shake,or eat a protien bar, i'm getting my nutrients, stay full longer, and dont eat that junk that i really think i want to eat, but know better. it's hard, but i feel better afterwards because instead of eating that slice of cheesy pizza that probably has about 500 cal, and 250 fat grams, i grab a shake or bar which is about 150 cals or drink water.. so far so good

another thing that works for me is going to another room where food is not around, or going outside, even if its to go check the mail, chat with a neighbor, something to get my mind distracted. it really is a mental challenge.

hope it works for you, good luck..

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Part of what I like about the band is I'm not as hungry. Can you tell if you are dealing with emotional hunger or is your band not tight enough?

I know first when its time for another fill due to how hungry I'm feeling. But if its emotional hunger, you really need to battle that one out. And its a hard one to fight! But I know you can do it!

Exercising and getting out of the house is a great one - I use to go down to the mall and start trying on anything in the next smallest size I could wear - that's always a motivator!

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Good for you for getting to the gym and kicking your own butt like that!

One thing to realize is that you are depleting your body by working out - tearing it down so that it can build itself back stronger and leaner - that's just the way it works. So, of course, your body doesn't want to change - our bodies tend to want to stay the same and hang on to fat in case a famine comes, so you are having to battle the natural urge to replace what you've worked off. Also, this might be a good time for a hard-core look at exactly what nutrients and how much protien, etc. you are getting since you are taxing your body harder. Make sure you don't have a legitimate need for something (because sometimes hunger in general can be your body saying, "I'm low on calcium!") and if you know your nutrition is where it needs to be, then you'll know you're just dealing with psychological hunger, and can go from there.

Kudos to you!!!

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