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Coffee Flavored Protein Shake


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So - I have started on my pre-op diet today.

I decided that I am going to do 2 shakes a day. One in the morning - and one for dinner or snack.

For the morning one - it is going to be a coffee flavored shake.. So I used:

Skim Milk: 8oz

EAS Vanilla Protein Powder: 1 scoop

Cappuccino Mix (SF/FF/Low Cal): 1 tbsp

Instant Decaf Coffee: 1 tbsp

Caramel Syrup (SF): 1 tbsp

I mixed everything in my new drink mixer (hamilton beach - on the go) and let the froth settle down. I tried it.. It was great! I loved it.

I bought everything at walmart... It was all pretty inexpensive

:rolleyes: I hope these days before surgery fly by... and I hope I can lose this pre-op weight.

If you have any shake ideas - please let me know!! Thanks

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