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wandering where to get your protein?

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Hey all out there, especially new bandsters still wondering where to get the much needed protein? I found a GREAT protein source at GNC. This is week 2 post op for me and Dr Miranda said add at least 30 grams of protein a day to your diet. So this puppy is called ULTIMATE MEAL by Hi-Health. it comes with 23 grams of protein per serving, only 2g of sugar, and 500mg of HOODIA... I mix 2 scoops with a can of Slimfast Optima (also recommended by the good Dr M.) in my shaker in the morning and add fat free milk to lighten the consistency, voila! It's enough for 2 servings (16 ounces). It fills me up for a couple of hours and the taste is GREAT. I also noticed that I've become pretty regular in the bowel area. Maybe it's the Hoodia...

I use the vanilla flavor for both. give it a shot!

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Its great to get the extra protein, however make sure if you are in the pre surgery diet stages you talk to one of the Dr's first about taking something with Hoodia in it.

You don't want your surgery cancelled not realizing you are taking something that could jeopardize your opportunity.

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