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Water Question

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Hi All,

I was banded on May 26th and things are going well. I was just wondering.....sometimes when I am really thirsty and I just want to chug a glass of cold water to quench my thirst..I was thinking, Is this okay with the band?? I know with juice,shakes,soups and eventually food I have to have small amounts and go slow but is it okay with water. Just slowly sipping water when I am dying of thirst just doesn't satisfy me.

Thanks for any help! :unsure:

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DO NOT CHUG... :lb12: You will end up having the water coming back up, and end up with your mouth watering, and the water you just gulped, coming right back up. Trust me.. I did it! lol After about 12 days or so, you'll find you'll be able to swallow a little more at a time, and not feel it backing up. Just go with what feels right. It's pretty much all trial and error. I don't want to take the chance on being caught in a bad predicament of having to spit up when I can't. Good Luck!

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I agree it isn't a good idea to gulp anything. What I have started doing is drinking as much as I want (slowly) before eating. I have to plan ahead since we aren't supposed to drink too soon before eating but have found as soon as I eat I am DYING of thirst if I haven't had anything earlier. If I plan ahead and drink first it isn't so bad. This is the hardest part for me of the changes that I have to make with my band (now known as "The Enforcer", lol). I think often we don't drink enough throughout the day and when we finally realize we are thirsty our body is screaming at us which is why we want to gulp down some water. Hope that helps.


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