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A question about the band...

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That was a question that I asked Caroline when I was first looking into getting banded and she said it's supposed to last your life time [Lap band for life... Dr.O's book] I guess aside from any complications that would make you have to have it removed. Hope that helped, Darlene

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I seem to remember Dr. Romero telling me that it takes about 200 years to disintegrate, and that it would last my lifetime if there were no complications.

Wow, if it really was 15 years. I would need to have it replaced at least 2 times or removed before I die??

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I think I read that here on the forum somewhere about the 15 years....I am hoping to live longer than that too...if I live another 45 years, I would need at least two replacements, I like your stats better.

But I will ask my surgeon on Tuesday for peace of mind. They say it's for life, so it must be!


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