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please help

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Hello All,

I am a very happy bandster most of the time. The last few weeks being a florida resident has been very stressful, with so many hurricanes in town. I have not had the greatest time with my band the last few weeks and I understand why. The stress lately has guided me down a path I hate to admit I have taken. I have found comfort in peanut M&M's a TOTAL NO. I never ate them prebanding why now. There are days very little food stays down but I can get my calories from candy. I am putting my foot down and treating myself right again. I am down 44 pounds since 3/26/04 which I feel is a real accomplishment. But I got so discouraged the other day when I went to the doctor(my primary care) and he said you have done horrible the 2 months you are only down 7lbs. He is right it is not good but I look at the overall as a positive. I never could have lost 44lbs in 6 months and kept it off. I know I have so much more to loose, and want it all gone. I know I make poor decisions at times.

I wish the rule book for this surgery fit everyone, because my body responds so differently to food than even my twin sister who was banded 6 weeks prior to me. If anyone has some good recipes that work for them, I could use a help. I need to just come home and cook, but it is hard to do when you spend time cooking and more time PBing. It doesn not motivate me to eat. No I am not PBing all the time but I get that uncomfortable feeling atleast 3 times a week, even when I chew.

Any ideas.


3/26/04 1.2cc 237/194/145?

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Hi Sabrina..

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling..it could all be just from stress. I know for me when I am stressed I get so much restriction and I feel like I am going to PB everytime I eat. Could it be stress for you with al lyou have been thorugh with the hurricanes and all? What is an average day of food look like for oyu? Candy and junk food offer no restriction, it goes down way to easy like you are not even banded remember that. Also just becasue you can eat it does not mean you should eat it....our bands are just a tool to help us, we do have to do most of the work with our food choices. Don't let your doctor discourage you, you have done a great job, as long as thescale is moving in a downword direction then you are doing something right. This weight loss is not a race..it is a journey. Do not compare your weight loss to anyone else's either that will just discourage you and sabotage you. Are you eating your proteins first? Drinking all your daily water? Exercising? If you can honeslty answer yes to all of these then maybe you are just a slower loser then others but if you answer NO then you have to make the porper adjustments in your head & attitude. You know you can do this..get back on that "band" wagon..make good healthy food choices..of you are having trouble keeping food down and you know you are eating slow and tiny bites and the right foods maybe you are filled too tight??? PBing is not good, the more you PB the more you risk slippage of your band.. Hang in there~

P>S> I posted some band friendly recipes on the post op diet/food forum..take a look they are tasty and band friendly recipes..

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Thanks Michelle,

I can honestly say I need to get out and exercise more. I am honest, I usually go for protein first but some days I still hit the carbs. My typical day is oatmeal 1/2 cup breakfast or cheerios and milk, lunch chichen of so sort, dinner varies, and usually when I get into trouble is the afternoon when I am at work and get into the candy usually 1 pack of peanut M&M 3 times in the previous few weeks( I know 250 unusable calories) no protein. I like dinners of chicken or eggs, sometimes pasta. I like those low carb meals in a bag from healthy choice. It just depends I drink lots of water 10 glasses or more a day. So I have changes I need to institute ASAP and other things I think I am doing right.

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Sabrina ..just an idea..why dont you try protein in the morning and see if that helps..I know for me if I start my day with any kind of carbs..I'm hungry all day long and make bad food choices throught out the day especially in the afternoon..so instead of having your oatmeal or cheerios try 2 scrambled eggs with some turkey sausage..just a thought..This way you can see if it does make a difference.

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