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Still have some restriction, want another fill?

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Well, I really want another fill, but at times I know I have some serious restriction. It's at the oddest times though, like when I have been sedentary and dozed off in a chair(usually on the weekends when I get up too early), I wake up hungry and grab a cracker or something and it gets stuck. Not nice, but most of the time I feel no restriction to most foods except in the morning.

I want an aggressive fill this time, but I know that can be a bad thing for me and my band. I have never thrown up yet, but have PB'd several times. :( yuck! Very soon, I need to have a fill with fluoro since I am past my 1 year bandiversary. Right now I am avoiding the scale because my weight is fluctuating up and down because of my swelling and just being on a darn plateau. grrr!

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. ;)



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I had my first fill 11 days ago and have very little restriction. I'd also like another fill, but going back to Mexico right now is out of the question. I haven't been on the scale lately because I know I'm over eating. Have you had any fills by the OCC? I have 1.8 right now and need a little more.... Hopefully soon..... :lb12: Best wishes, Darlene

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I am starting to feel like I need another fill, but am not so sure at times. I have been eating more in the past few days and the scales are not going down anymore. I still have some restriction, but am not getting that full feeling anymore.

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