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What did you need from the OCC for Dr DesCouteux to do your fills? I’ve been trying to get a surgery report but it seems no one wants to send it to me. Also I’ve been trying to get a receipt so I can claim it for a rebate but no one wants to send that as well…ugh….I’ve sent a email off to Claudia asking and Andrew (medical edge) has been requesting it too but nothing…How did you get yours? And how long did it take?


This is getting frustrating!


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I got a report from Andrew which was rejected by AB Health care because I didn't fill in the part C areas that were blank. I redid the form and haven't heard anything back which I take as a good sign. I haven't received a refund yet but I only sent it off last week. I also haven't called Dr. DesCouteux and wasn't aware he needed anything before he would do a fill. So you actually gave me more information that I had to give to you. Thanks everyone for answering this.


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