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Not Band related...........but good news for a change

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As some of you may remember, last week we had to put my mom's cat Oscar to sleep because he had horrible cancer. It was, and still is very difficult.

But, on the bright side, seems he is working on his angel wings already...................My cat Missy who has battled liver failure for 3 years has unexpectedly been cured! I had her in for her usual 3 month blood work on her liver values and the vet called with her results today. He said, he doesn't understand how it could be, but her liver is perfect! That it seemed to be a miracle.

See, he told me 3 years ago when she was on deaths door that you never get rid of liver failure completely, you just try to make it better and treat the symptoms as best you can. Well, she has been on meds for 3 years and her numbers did get better with time but never back to perfect. And, that was expected. Until today! Perfect liver values, NO MORE MEDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Oscar, sissy Mona loves you and misses you!

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