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cfuture88 mentioned these protein bullets in her re-cap post, looks interesting!


Here's the product info:

"New Whey Liquid Protein is the ultimate in convenience from the makers of IDS proteins; packaged in a portable 3 fluid ounce, virtually unbreakable plastic vial. No refrigeration needed, just pour over ice, or chill before drinking. Tastes like liquid Jell-O! Kids ice pop flavors like Orange, Punch, and Grape.

NOTE: These are 42 gram protein vials, so dont be fooled by pricing on lower protein versions out there.

Lab tested for protein accuracy; no aftertaste. Just 3 fluid ounces, 176 calories, 42 grams protein, 2g carbs, Og sugar plus a vitamin & mineral profile. Splenda sweetened.

Perfect for work, school, or travel!

12 protein bullets to a box.

'Just got my latest order and had to tell you I LOVE the New Whey liquid protein drinks. They are by far the yummiest and easiest protein I have every tried. Thanks for helping make this journey easier!' Julie

New Whey Protein Bullets

NewWhey42MSRP $46.88Special... $34.99, 3 for $99.00Flavor: OrangeFruit PunchGrapeBlue Raspberry

Make REAL Jello... not the rubbery premade store kind. It's light, soft textured, and fruity.

Follow the directions for speed set on a small box of Jello. Adding two 42 gram New Whey protein bullets along with the ice. Ready to eat after a twenty minute chill.

Add a splooge of Reddi Wip light aerosol whipped cream to make it a delicious way to get in your protein. Ummmmm.

Make some protein Jello!"

A bit expensive, but might be the answer if you're picky. (Like me, haha). I ordered some, I'll report back when they get here. :)

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I had edema (my face was swollen) everytime I woke up the first days after surgery and by day three I was so exhausted that I slept for 5 hours in the day and all night. I was bloated from intestinal gas, hungry and generally felt like shit. Called Dr. Acosta. He told me I was dehydrated, and was not getting enough protein (hence the edema). I was still on clears so these bullets came in handy. I diluted them 3 parts water, 1 part protein and drank two of them over the course of a day. I felt soooo much better. I am really glad I have them. Dr. Acosta says to drink a gallon a day (128 oz approx) at first.

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