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I think I feel a little restriction!

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I had my first fill on Saturday and although it was only 1.6 cc's, I think I felt a little restriction tonight! For my boyfriend and I, I made lemon chicken with veggies and brown rice. I ate mine on a small side plate and couldn't even finish it the small amount on my plate. Before being banded, I could eat a full plate and go back for more rice. I ate my chicken first, veggies second, and rice last. It wasn't A LOT of restriction, but enough to tell myself to STOP EATING. :) YAY!

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WOOOOHOO! Congrats, Alana! Isn't it great to feel that restriction again - like you had when first banded? I am just now starting to lose some restriction (I am almost 3 weeks out) but its definitely still there.... just not as much. I am making my first fill appointment though for July sometime. Keep up the wonderful work girlfriend! :D

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