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What is wrong with eating too much protein in a day?

It all depends on how much is too much. A very high protein diet can cause the kidneys to work harder and cause the bones and teeth to excrete calcium since protein foods (meats) are usually higher in fats (depending on your choices). This can increase the unhealthy saturated fat and be a risk factor for heart disease, certain cancers, weight gain and high blood pressure. High protein diets are sometimes low in fiber which is associated with intestinal disorders such as constipation, diverticular disease, and cancer.

It all comes down to how much is too much and what else you are eating. A healthy diet should be made up of 10-35% protein. For someone eating 2000 calories/day, that is 50-175 grams daily.

From Sparks

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I just spoke to my personal nutritionist and she's recomended 60-90 grams of protien daily. I guess it's a per person thing.

They actually do some kind of individual calculation. I know for me it was 78 grams of protein a day.

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