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Please help with fill Doctor

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Anybody know a fill doctor in GA or TN that will do fills after going to MX? I just really don't want to go back to MX. Thanks so much

Love this forum, there is so much info here. Thanks everybody for all your input, it really helps to look on here and get ideas of how to deal with what all is going on after being banded.

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Here is a site that may help you locate a fill doctor in your area


Click on surgeon locator at the top of the page and startcalling those listed in your area. Or you can contact Don Mills at don.mills@inamed.com

He will email you a list of doctors in your area, but the list he emails may be the same list you find on the above site since it is an Inamed site. Good Luck , hope this helps

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Ga. Girl,

I am from Atlanta and I have also been looking for a local doctor to do my fills.

I also love Dr. Ortiz, but it is a long trip to TJ for Georgia.

I know of a Dr. Rick Finley in Atlanta that will do fills for Mexican banded patients. If you would like his number, email me back and I'll get it for you. I understand from someone that used him for another type of surgery that he and his staff are very nice.

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