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Need some reasuurance and encouragement

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Please let me know how you cope with this:

I have gained 2 lbs over the weekend-I didn't increase my calorie intake, but didn't exercise, so...I know in my head this is no big deal, but I have given the scale all of my power and can't seem to take it back. When the scale goes up, my entire mood for the day is altered, no matter what my common sense says. How do you deal with this? Any ideas besides don't weigh yourself everyday? That doesn't really get to the root of the problem...how do I make it 'OK'?


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I go through this often too. I just supposedly gained a lb back but I know it's because I am having some tummy issues......So I don't "count" the lb as really gained.

Also, are you getting enough water? I was exactly like you said, moods based on the scale. But then I lost a few and stopped weighing every day. I moved the scale into my son's bathroom for that reason, so I don't see it every morning. It's mind over matter. Only you can control how YOU feel. It's hard, most of us have been there. You just have to realize that it took years to become obese, it's going to take time to lose it too. I would also recommend keeping track of calories, fiber and protein, at a minimum, every day. Protein and fiber seem to make a difference to my weight loss. Good luck! This journey will have ups and downs, like everything else in life.....


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I always have so much water retention, that if I can't slip my wedding ring off and on easily

I won't step on the scales. I know that if I saw a gain, I would just say F#%$ it, and start

eating. I try to weigh every wednesday, but again if my rings are tight i wait. I seem to gain

over the weekends so I will never weigh on a monday.

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