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Question for the Amazing LisaL OR anyone who has had after band surgery

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Lisa, I have to tell you that you are my inspiration! I just looked at your pictures and the transformation is fantastic - you've done such a good job with your band, I hope I will be as successful as you are.

Not only are you beautiful, but your such a good person, too. You have such patience with all of us newly banded and soon to be banded people, I'm sure it must get old with us asking the same questions over and over again. You were the first person to post a note to me when I first joined this forum - that was very nice and welcoming.

Anyway...... My question is and I hope It's okay to ask - you have talked about your tummy tuck and breast surgerys, so I assume it's okay to ask you if you've had upper arm surgery, or are you one of the lucky ones whose skin shrunk as you lost weight? The one picture of you with a pink top on and a white belt around your waist your arms look so slender I was just wondering, because aside from knowing I'm going to have to get a tummy tuck when I'm done, I think I'm going to have really flabby arms and will want to have them done as well. Next week I'll be 54 years old and I don't think my skin will shrink back down around my arms (or anywhere else for that matter - ha ha!). I'm so self conscious about my arms, I rather have them done then my breasts, which could also use a lift!

I'd just like to get a little information on upper arm surgery, so if you didn't have the surgery, maybe one of you other bandsters have and can share your experience.



p.s. Lisa, please don't ever stop posting - you are such a positive person for this forum, we all need people like you when making such a big change in our lives.

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