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Continuing the process

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Ok so here is where I am now. So far the financing should be good. I need to call and find out the funding date. I have made my deposits for both hubby and myself to the OCC, completed and faxed in my paperwork and emailed my itinerary to rene at OCC, since I bought the airline tickets today. I am very much a planner and I know I have a month before this happens but I guess I am freaking out and want all my ducks in a row. :ph34r: I have my birth certificate and ID. We arrive in San Diego on the 18th of Sept. I am nervous about our BMI, I am at 39 and hubby is at 42.9, I am concerned about us losing the right amount of weight and whether we should start dieting early. I dont want to get cancelled if we dont get it all off. I think the rest is just the dieting and getting the loan funded and we are good to go. Hubby is freaking out, he is worried that we wont have any money. I am not sure how much cash to take with us. :blink: I read on here I should not wear any of my jewelery there so I have a place at home where I am going to hide them. My friend is going to watch the dogs, well come over and feed them. My son is staying with the daycare center owner, that is freaking me out. I guess maybe I am nervous. This is scarry. I have never been to Mexico and I have always wanted to go. I know this is not a vacation spot like Cancun or something, but I want to be able to try to relax there. I hope I dont worry the whole time. I guess right now, I am just afraid that something wont get done or that I am going to forget something. :wacko: I am going to drive myself crazy. Maybe I am PMSing. Did anyone go through this when they were planning this? It seems like there is so much to remember.

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You are extremely organized and will do just fine. I am the same way, everything needs to be planned out and executed.

Don't worry about your BMIs..mine was 54+...I lost 12 lbs pre-op and my surgeon said everything went like clockwork. You guys will do great!!!

I am very excited for you!!!

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