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Usually they just sew your current port deeper under the muscle so it's less visable, its a quick 20min outpatient procedure I believe done under local anasthetic (not put to sleep) they also go in through your old port scar. It does make fills more difficult and a little more painful but at that point you are usually at your goal weight so you're not getting fills as often.

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Thanks, Michell, I had heard about this, but wasn't sure how much of a big deal it was. Sounds easier than I thought. I've lost 125 pounds, so the thing is really sticking out! Congrats on your weight loss, too.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.. Just saw your pictures, CONGRATULATIONS..

You look wonderful.. Where were you banded and how long did it take to

lose your weight? What pagent where you in? Sorry about all the questions.

It's always nice to see success stories. Please fill us in.


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There's plenty to know!

If you have the older style high profile port, they can exchange it for the lower profile port . If you have your surgical report, it will tell you the band type you have and you can Google for the specs.

I asked just Tuesday about this and what Michelle said is on target: if you have the low profile port already and it sticks out, then they will do a local anesthetic procedure to bury it under the muscle wall. I didn't ask the cost, but it takes about 20 minutes.

Congratulations on your success!

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That is so cool, I was telling my friend about you and we were trying to search you. She use to be involved in pageants and isn't anymore since her weight gain. I'd love her to get the band and work on loosing the weight and get back into the pageants. Could you put a link to your pageant information for us - we'd love to see it and I'd love to get it to her! Its awesome to see someone who lost the weight with the band win this!

Thanks so much and congratulations!


(We most likely have been looking in the wrong place - here's the 2008 Mrs. United States) I'm sure there's another one as well. I see your bannner is noted 50's you are looken awesome)


I found you, you're Mrs. Puerto Rico!! Congrats you are beautiful!!



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