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Still NO restriction?

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I got my third fill yesterday and since latley I have been parinoid about my pouch being stretched...I asked if I could do a barium swallow just to make sure everything was ok. Of course, it is. My fill doc raves about how perfectly the band is placed (thats why she loves Dr. Ortiz) and also that my pouch looks awesome. It was really amazing to watch the barium go down. Unfortunatley, it was going down, very quickly. Hence why Ive only lost abot 3lbs in the last month an a half. I guess its better than gaining.... :P

My fill doc tweeked my band by watching the barium and I can already tell a difference. Before I was getting hungry about 2-3 hours after a meal, and my meals were about 2-3 cups. Now my meals are about 3/4- 1 cup and I am full. I also am not getting hungry for about 5-5.5 hours which is AMAZING to me.

I am ready for my gym membership in Sept. so I can help my band since I havent started that yet.

It is important for all of us to be proud of every pound we accomplish. This isnt a race to see who can finish first, or even a race with ourselves! I know sometimes I have a hard time remembering that!!!

I hope everyone is well!


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Congrats on your success!! Its great when we hit that sweet spot! Get that gym membership going fast if you can - its really fun once you start and get in the habit and more fun to watch your clothes fit better and the scale go down! That’s when we really see the change in our body – (its amazing how you can actually sculpt it and change your body with muscle).

You doing great – keep it up! I'm proud of you too!!


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:lb10: :lb21:

Mackenzie you are doing great. Thanks for the reminder of this not being any kind of race, I too forget that.

Once you join that gym you'll see another big difference in how feel about yourself. Somehow when I am at a gym and see all the various sizes and shapes of people working out I get pumped up myself about being there. It really helps to motivate a person to keep on keeping on!!

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