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Stuff to absolutely take with me

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See the post I just bumped up for you. It's called Suggestions of what to take to TJ...

I hope others will add more to it so it's a 1 stop list for anyone that needs it.

Julie, I cannot find the post that you said you bumped up. I like the question and wanted to know the answers as well. I tried doing a search for it and couldn't find it that way either. Help.


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Hi All

Can I ask a favor of people being at the OCC on 14th 15th 16th August.

Would you bring me some specialk protein singles, any kind except ice tea.(yuk)

I'll pay you there as we can't get them at all in Canada and I think they will help my hubbie after surgery.

Thanks in advance.


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I just got back. I suggest packing as light as possible and take a friend to help you with luggage. I had my husband and he was a life saver.


large bottle of mylanta

gasx strips

sugar-free gum

A starbuck coffee cup and lid plus stir sticks. Handy on airplane & airport. I used the lid as a strainer. I ended up having the Airport California Pizza split pea soup. I had to remove the barley & carrots and then dilute it to clear.

Chicken & beef boullion cubes (may want crush them to help them dissolve quickly)

eye mask to block light

pillow & blanket for plane

shirt that be worn without bra for trip home

loose fitting pants


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I'll add:

a sports bra (for me anyway - going braless is just not an option )

A crossword puzzle or something to do that doesn't require too much long-time concentration

shoes you do not have to tie laces on (bending = ouch at first)


plenty of $1 and $5 bills for tips and taxi rides

Enjoy yourself - it will be a great experience!

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