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For those of you with restriction

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I can eat a LOT of raw spinach salad. It's seriously healthy, very little vinagrette, cucumbers, sliced mushrooms, some shredded cheese, a few tomatoes and 3 oz of sliced chicken breast. I could eat this kind of salad every day.

Chicken first, then spinach. It's like I could finish the bag. And for 14 calories, I wouldn't sweat it if I did :D But should I be able to??

For those of you who are restricted, is there a point where your stomach (even if it's just spinach) says "full"?

And does the lettuce/cucumber/tomato/mushroom/watery stuff HOLD or does it just go down fast? It feels like it's gone in an hour or so.



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Hi Linda - here is the Salad Queen :D

I do have very good restriction until the evening, this is the time when my band is somehow getting loose :huh:

No matter how creative I get, fixing my salad (mostly Spinach or Iceberg with fresh mushrooms, cucumbers and peppers, beans, feta cheese etc.) I could eat probably a "normal" sized portion or even more. I always have my chicken/protein first but still, it doesn't keep me full for more than maybe 2-3 hrs. before I get kind of hungry again. That's because the salad is going down easier/quicker than the more solid foods.

But .... since being banded I am addicted to salad and I just have to have it ;)

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Dr. Romero told me that salad fruits and veggies are made up of a lot of water so we can chew them to smitherines... so they can slide down like almost a thick liquid. The additon of dressing can help the food to slide down through the band faster so he would say to eat a healthy serving of chicken (3-4oz) then move to the salad so it has the chicken base to rest on top of in your pouch!!

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