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Ever tried these? Diets Gone Bad

Guest CaraMBA09

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Guest CaraMBA09

So I bumped into a post (and I cannot find it now) about diets that we have tried...I was shaking my head because I had tried a few of them...but noticed a few got left "behind" so to speak...

Here is MY list: (anyone else want to contribute?)

Phen-Phen/Redux: Yes, as crazy as it sounds, I lost weight as if my mouth was wired shut...40 lbs in 3 months, but then the news hit that it totally destroys your heart if you had been taking it longer than 6 months. Thankfully, all of my heart tests came back normal....then all the weight began creeping back on....

The Master Cleanser Diet: Oh boy...this is the diet I heard about that Robin Quivers did (Howard Stern Show). You basically take 100% pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper, an extensive amount of lemon juice and water...mix and voila..you have beverage. I lost about 8 lbs and then got grossed out drinking it! That and I began to feel as though my stomach was being eaten alive. Supposedly, it is great for flushing out your gallbladder and fixing all sorts of crazy things. who knows.

Weight Watchers (3x), Nutri-System (huge waste of money), Atkins, South Beach, Blood-Type Diet, Mediterranean Diet (enjoyed drinking the red wine too much!), Meridia (GOSH it is expensive!) and a few others that I researched but laughed at because I know myself too well.

All the Best!


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