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How many nights did you stay in hospital?

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Hi everyone

I have been told that my stay will be 3 nights - on of those being the check in pre op. I would prefer not to be away from my daughter that long so wanted to see if I could narrow that down to one night - what are your thoughts? How long was your stay?

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For me I stayed the night before my surgery at the hotel and then they recommend you stay in the clinic 1 night and then stay at the hotel 1 more night before you go home. I was fortunate with my surgery and went back to the hotel the night of my surgery around 5 or 6. I had my surgery just before noon I think. I then changed my plane flight to go home 1 day early and left the day after surgery instead of staying 1 more night because I felt so good. I also traveled alone and was ready to be back home.

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