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Back from my 1st fill!

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Hey everyone,

I just got back last night from my fill trip in TJ! My fill was a pain free experience with Dr. So. The only issue was that I had a lot of scar tissue and Dr. So could not get the needle to go through the port so at first he thought maybe the port had flipped but after calling in Dr. Acosta for backup they were able to access the port and made a small notation on my chart that it is hard to access my port. Even with all of the pushing to get access to the port I felt no pain, only pressure. Dr. So explained to me that 2cc was the MOST they would ever give on a first fill. He started out by giving me the full 2cc's, I drank some barium and he determined that 2cc was to much, he then pulled some out and I drank more barium. We did this about 3 times when he decided that 1.5cc was the perfect amount for me. It was very cool to see the barium go down on the fluro and how it passed through the band! I notice that I am full much faster and am looking forward to seeing some pounds begin to drop again!

Also I have some new pictures! My new avatar is of me and my husband on the USS Midway which is docked in San Diego and turned into a musuem! If you have some free time on your next trick try to stop by and check it out! It was very cool!


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Dr. So is such a swwetheart!! He made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the room.

I just wish I could afford to keep going to Tj for my fills. Hopefully this last one will hold me till next year.

Good luck with your's, hope it's "on the money"! ;)

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