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First Fill on Wednesday

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I hope so, too! Good luck, Jim. :)

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Good luck and fingers crossed!! ;) Are you going back to the OCC?

No, I am going to Nashville. I found a Dr who will do my fills and aftercare. He is only 45 miles from where I live. I would love to go back to the OCC for my fills but, time is an issue.

I was going to use the Fill Center in Farmington, Missouri. Even though the Fill Center is cheaper, when taking into consideration the price of gas and the time traveling there, the extra expense is worth it for me. I figured my first 3 fills cost at both places, driving time and gas expense etc, etc. It was only about 200 dollars more and 14 hrs less driving time. I will also have access to a nutritionist.

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That's quite a trip for you! Will your wife be joining you? I can't recall her name, but she was really sweet.

Best of travels!


My wife name is Connie and she is almost as sweet as me. lol :D:D:D

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