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question about post surgery weight loss

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Just a quick question for all you lap band veterans out there. Is it normal to have not lost even a pound since my surgery Aug 8? It seems I'm taking in so few calories with all the clear broth, water-down juices, ect. My husband asked me how much weight I've lost and looked a little disappointed when I told him I was the same. Am I just being too anxious?? :lb12:

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don't be discouraged. It's all about healing right now. Your body

is in shock from the surgery and lack of calories.

You may lose weight when your calorie intake goes back up when you start protein shakes ,soups etc.

I promise the weight will come off. You didn't put all your weight on over night.


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It can happen, I just had surgery, (something to repair my body after all of this weight loss) on Friday and I gained like 6 pounds from all the fluids they pump in me.

Just focus on recovery and think good thoughts, remember your body just had surgery and it’s a bit traumatic for it. It needs time to recover; you’ll have all the extra fluids that they put in you, along with the water you’re most likely retaining. Be confidant that the weight will come off, because it will and rest up and relax a bit!

Take care,


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I did the same as Lisa. I gained at first and then it started coming off pretty quickly. You are only 4 days out...you have to heal first.

Stay strong!! ;)

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