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how many calories should we be burning

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I was wondering if anyone knew how many calories should we burn daily. i exercise (running, bike, weight, the whole nine yards) 6 times a week. when i dont do racquetball to warm up and go straight to running, i burn about 300 calories, however when i do racquetball and then running, i burn about 650. that is not counting the weight room three times a week.

Justwondering if anyone reallyknows. i asked the trainer and he told me not to focus on calories but the work out as a whole.


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I'm not sure either and I had also asked my personal trainer back in the day when I first really started working out. He said the same, get protein, keep a good regimen and surprise the body. He knew I had a band and that my caloric intake was low - his main worry was that I was getting enough protein to build muscle.

It worked....

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