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I need help

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OK, here's the deal - I started this lapband group on revolution.com, I love my lapband and I wanted to help others to learn about it!

Its been up for a few months and not much has happened. Right now my in my job I am so busy its not even funny. I was just out in Halifax a couple of weeks ago, flying out to AZ tomorrow at 5:30 AM for more work stuff and its not ending for a while. I haven’t been checking my revolution site since its been pretty slow lately, all of a sudden 6 people joined! It needs some love and care and someone to write to these people, put up posts and talk about the band (I also talk about my beloved Dr Ortiz…)

I am in need of a forum co leader, if you are interested in the position please send me a pm, you need to be someone who’s had the band long enough and passion and time to be able to write and talk about your experience. The pay is bad (nothing) but if we can help others do what we’ve done I’m sure the rewards in the after life will be great!

Let me know!

And remember I’m traveling tomorrow and may be off the boards for a few days so if you don’t hear from me til Thursday….

Thanks and I’d really appreciate the help!


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What a great thing to do Lisa. I think alot of people will come to this site, it just takes time. I don't think I have been banded long enough or have a good enough result yet to help you out however much I would like to. I am also not the best with the computer but have a wonderful husband who teaches me all the stuff I need to know when I need it. Perhaps as I lose more weight and get more time under my belt you'll consider chatting with me to help you. I think there will certainly be someone here who will fill your bill. Good luck with this project and God Bless for sharing the band news to others!!

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