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band failure

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I have to say that i am feeling frustrated because I have not enoyed the success that others have. I was banded a year ago by Dr. Ortiz It was easy,uneventful.

Since then I have had 4 fills am at 2.9cc . I get decent resriction for a few weeks, then it seems to disapear. I have just made my apt . for my 5th fill.All have been done in the states under flouroscope. I dont know what is wrong. After a few weeks I start to feel hungry and eat too much especially at night when the band is open. I know I need to have more self control-but if I had it I wouldnt have needed the band to begin with.I am concerned that I stretched my pouch. I really had hoped the band would deal with the hunger issue better, I have lost about 22 pds over the last year,but need to lose

another 50. Any advice.



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:D I had the same problem you are having. I had 2 fills here in the states and was very disappointed I would get a fill and be fine and then a couple of weeks later back to eating like crazy. I finally went to TJ in April of this year and had a fill and found out that the previous fill was not done correctly and I was given a very good detailed explanation of my problem by Dr Martinez. I will never get a fill done again in the states. I have had my fill since April 8th and I am really restricted at 3.2 done by Dr Martinez. I just realized that the us docs really are not that experienced in doing all of this and the Mexican docs really know there stuff. Good luck to you! I really hope you can arrage to go to TJ. I only stayed there one night and the hotel was $70 and the transportation was $100 round trip and i paId about 150 for my ticket but I live in Seattle. I felt so much better once I went there and knew what was going on. Believe me I was so mad and frustrated for so long and after 2 fills they told me I was at 3.9 and Dr Martinez told me no way could that be and i was eating that much back in April. Go see the good doctors you will be much happier It has not even been a year for me and I have lost about 77 lbs so far

Jennifer Pedigo

Dr Ortiz 08-22-2003


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